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A Different Kind Of War | Download Full Pdf eBook

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A Different Kind of War Book

A Different Kind of War | Download Pdf - ePub - Kindle - eBook

Summary: A Different Kind of War written by Graf Hans-Christof Sponeck complete 322 pages, and read, download pdf latest Law ebooks related to A Different Kind of War ebook.

A Different Kind of War

Written By: Graf Hans-Christof Sponeck
  • ID Book : 9781845452223
  • Publisher : Berghahn Books
  • Number of Pages : 322
  • Genre : Law
  • Reads : 126
  • Supported Format : Pdf, ePub, Mobi, Kindle
  • eFile : a-different-kind-of-war.pdf

Inside Book:

At a time when the international community is again threatening some countries with sanctions, this book comes as a warning. It should be mandatory reading for all those politicians and their foreign-policy advisors who continue to consider sanctions an effective form of policy. The author not only offers us a critical, lucid, and well-informed survey of political developments in Iraq, but also a heart-rending account of the suffering of the Iraqi people. It was they who bore the brunt of the 13-year's sanctions, while the members of Saddam's regime continued to live in luxury and accumulate huge fortunes. H.-C. von Sponeck, the former "UN Humanitarian Coordinator for Iraq," explores the UN's sanction policies against Iraq, their consequences, and the domestic conditions during this period. His extensive research is based on previously unpublished internal UN documents and discussions with UN decision makers (such as General Secretary Kofi Annan), Iraqi officials and politicians (including Saddam Hussein), and ordinary Iraqis. The author's findings question who really benefited from the program, what role the UN Security Council and its various member states played, and whether there were then and are today alternatives to the UN's Iraq policies.

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  • File Pdf: fidelis.pdf

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